PORTA NOVA (Group 6 -7)

Porta NOVA - Simple, classic and elegant design. Ideal for customers that value traditional interior design.

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More Porta Nova (Group 6 - 7) Models


From £369

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Portadecor Veneer

Portasynchro 3D Veneer

Portadur Veneer

Portaperfect 3D Veneer

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Model 6.4.png
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All prices are VAT inclusive and include:

  • Door leaf - pre finished with Veneer

  • Door frame - pre finished with Veneer

  • Architraves - pre finished with Veneer

  • Hinges - Factory Fitted

  • Fitted latch and lock

  • Handle


The filling of the door leaf is with honeycomb or perforated chipboard which is characterized by better durability and higher sound insulation. The construction is covered with HDF board.

Door Detail Close Up

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