PORTA CPL - This product is suitable for all types of premises, especially wherever the doors are exposed to intensive use. Perfect for use in hotels, office buildings, public places.

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CPL (4)
CPL (4)

CPL (1)
CPL (1)

CPL (6)
CPL (6)

CPL (4)
CPL (4)



From £289 

Trade and multi-buy discount available 

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CPL HQ 0,2 Veneer, HPL and CPL 0,7 Veneer

Group 1

Group  2

All prices are VAT inclusive and include:

  • Door leaf - pre finished with Veneer

  • Door frame - pre finished with Veneer

  • Architraves - pre finished with  Veneer

  • Hinges - Factory Fitted

  • Fitted latch and lock

  • Handle


Group 1– the filling of the door leaf is a honeycomb insert or perforated chipboard reinforced with plywood muntin.

Group 5 and model 1.4 – solid core particle board. The construction is covered with HDF board. Door leaf edges are finished with ABS tape.

More Porta CPL Models

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Door Detail Close Up

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