Doors from Porta CONCEPT collection correspond to the latest trends in functional design. Popular designs are based on a durable and effective frame construction consisting of horizontal and vertical elements and using the highest quality wooden materials. 

Wooden elements play a dominant role in the construction of the door leaves from the CONCEPT Line.

The collection is available in a wide range of colour veneers, which makes it easy to match the door to the individual interior design.

Model K.3.png

More Porta Concept (H&K) Models

Model K.0.png
Model H.0.png
Model K.1.png
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Concept H (2)
Concept H (2)

Concept H (1)
Concept H (1)

Concept K
Concept K

Concept H (2)
Concept H (2)



From £349 

Trade and multi-buy discount available 

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Portadecor Veneer

Portasynchro 3D Veneer

Premium White Veneer

Portadur Veneer

Portaperfect 3D Veneer

All prices are VAT inclusive and include:

  • Door leaf - pre finished with Veneer

  • Door frame - pre finished with Veneer

  • Architraves - pre finished with  Veneer

  • Hinges - Factory Fitted

  • Fitted latch and lock

  • Handle


Frame-and-Panelled multi-layered wooden construction. Depending on the design, the leaves are formed by stiles and rails and consist of panels and matt tempered glass panels.

Door Detail Close Up

Detail Concept K (1).jpg
Detail Concept K.jpg
Detail Concept K (3).jpg
Detail Concept K (2).jpg
Porta Concept AB Detail.png