Interior doors that are intended for use in areas of high humidity. The door structure allows for the door to be used in all types of rooms exposed to direct contact with water. The HPL coating with the highest resistance to mechanical damage guarantees long-term use of the door in extremely difficult conditions. The door is perfect for catering establishments, swimming pools, spa centres.


Porta has introduced a new collection of the highest quality doors for facilities with high traffic. EDURO are the highest quality doors, resistant to abrasion and damage due to solid construction with stainless steel strips and edges. Enduro doors are ideal for Hotels, shopping centres  schools, catering facilities, WC and hospitals.

AQUA Models

Aqua Model Full.png
Aqua Model 2.png
Aqua Model 3.png
Aqua Model 4.png


Trade and multi-buy discount available 

From £POA 

Door set includes:

  • Door leaf 

  • Metal Door frame 

  • Hinges - Factory Fitted

  • Fitted latch and lock

  • Handle

Resistance of the door to vertical load, static torsion and impact; corresponding to normal use, depending on the operation conditions (light, medium, heavy and very heavy).

Enduro Model Fill.png
Enduro Full and bottom panel.png
Enduro Model 1.png


Enduro Model 2.png
Enduro Model 3.png
Enduro Model 4.png

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