ACOUSTIC DOORS - 27dB, 32dB & 42dB

Porta acoustic doors characterise in excellent acoustic properties. With increased sound insulation, these doors are intended for use in public or residential buildings as internal entrance or interior doors. Effectively reduce noise coming from the hallway, outside or other rooms. Acoustic Doors are mainly used where there is a need for discretion, for example, doctor's offices, music rooms, home cinema. Also ideal for new build flats.


Porta Silence 37dB & 42dB additionally have a fire resistance of 30 min and smoke-tightness. They are equipped with seals that swell under the influence of temperature.


From £POA 

Trade and multi-buy discount available 

Door set includes:

  • Door leaf - pre finished with Veneer

  • Door frame - pre finished with Veneer

  • Architraves - pre finished with  Veneer

  • Heavy Duty Technical Hinges - Factory Fitted

  • Fitted latch and lock

  • Automatic Threshold Seal

  • Red Sealing Strip - expands in high temperature (some models)

  • Handle

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